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21st century
                                                                               competencies /
 Vocabulary  Grammar  Functions  Reading  Listening  Speaking  Writing             Values

 MODULE 3    page 65    Earth and our place in it
 • Expressions with   • Full / Bare Infinitive  • Guessing the meaning  • A magazine   • A radio programme   • Pair work:   • A letter (to the
 nature  • -ing form  of unknown words/  article: Amazing   about a country in   Speculating and   editor) expressing an
 • Collective terms for  • Exclamatory   phrases  animals!  South America  making a decision:   opinion
 animals  sentences  • Expressing surprise,   • A magazine page:   • A radio quiz about the   Choosing the best  Developing skills:
 • Phrasal verbs with   • Present Perfect   alarm and joy  Keep it GREEN!  environment  places for a school  • Using a mind map   Value:
 up and down  Simple vs Past Simple • Discussing advantages   trip  for brainstorming  • Respecting and
 • Words related to   • Present Perfect   and disadvantages  • Pair work:   • Using linking words/  protecting the
 the environment  Simple – Present   • Using appropriate   Comparing two   phrases (to express   environment
 • Words easily   Perfect Continuous  tenses to link the past   photographs:   opinion, cause-
 confused  with the present             Urban and rural   reason, contrast and
 • Word building:   • Distinguishing between   life       to sum up)
 adjectives ending   words easily confused
 in -ous, -al, -ive,   • Comparing and
 -able, -ing, -ful  contrasting people and
 • Expressing opinion
 Culture page 3: Strange Stones  page 89

 MODULE 4    page 91    Charities and Conflict  BullyingPublications
 • Types of charities  • Countable and   • Guessing the meaning  • A magazine   • Five monologues   • Group work:   • An article describing
 • Words used both   uncountable nouns  of unknown words/  article: The things   about giving money to   Discussing the   an event
 as verbs and as   • Quantifiers  phrases  people will do...!  charity  advantages and   Developing skills:
 nouns  • Compounds of some  • Distinguishing between  • A magazine   • An argument between   disadvantages   • Using different
 • Words easily   / any / no / every  words easily confused  article: Bullying  siblings  of different   ways to attract the   Values:
 confused  • Future will  • Referring to the future  fundraising events,   reader’s attention  • Helping others
 • Word building:   • Future be going to  • Making predictions  and coming to a   • Using correction   • Learning to
 negative adjectives   • Future Perfect Simple  • Making offers,   decision  techniques  compromise
 beginning with un-,  • Defining Relative   promises, on-the-spot   • Class discussion:   • Respecting yourself
 in-, il-, ir-, im-  Clauses  decisions and requests                          and others
 • Nouns +   • Non-Defining Relative  • Discussing advantages   • Pair work:
 prepositions  Clauses  and disadvantages  Speculating
 • Expressing opinion     © MM          on sources of
 • Defining people, places,             disagreement,
 things and ideas,                      role playing,
 and giving additional                  and discussing
 information about them                 strategies to settle
 • Speculating                          differences
 Culture page 4: The Big Issue  page 115

 Song 2: Teen life  page 252
 CLIL Term 2: Biology  page 117

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