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Decisions for the new academic year

               Goal setting is the  irst, and
               the most important step       Reflection
               towards a successful and
               productive academic year.

                                    Action              Decisions
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               1. Reflection – Last year I…

                   Discuss the questions below with another student.

                   1.  Have you accomplished any of your academic goals from last year?
                   2. Can you name one thing you learnt last year which will be useful for
                     the new academic year (e.g. knowledge, skills, etc.)?
                   3. Can you name one thing you did last year that you want to avoid
                     repeating this year?

               2. Decisions – This year I will…

                   Look at the question below. Then read two students’ decisions/
                   goals for the new academic year and write yours. Present your
                   decisions/goals to the class.
                   What are three goals you want to achieve this academic year?

                                                   This year, I will focus on
                  This year, I will visit the
                                                   developing useful skills that will
                  career advisor’s o  ice to get
                                                   help me in the future, such as
                  all the necessary information
                                                   cooperation skills. I want to take
                  about di ferent career paths
                                                   up an extracurricular activity
                  I’m interested in.
                                                   that will help me achieve this
                                                   goal, like a team sport.

               3. Action

                   ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish.’
                   ‘The most e fective way to do it, is to do it.’

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