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                              A. Discuss.

                                 •  Have you ever been to an unusual place? What was
                                  unusual about it?
                                 •  Do you use a travel guide when visiting a place for
                                  the first time? Why? / Why not?
           B. Read the text and match the headings a-f with the paragraphs 1-6.

             a. What to see                  d. How to get there
             b. Where to stay                e. Destination
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             c. What to do                   f.  Background


            CAPPADOCIA: a stunning area in central Turkey with unique geological
            formations and a history every bit as remarkable as its landscape.

            Geologists explain that the strange but impressive landscape of Cappadocia
            was formed after several volcanoes erupted millions of years ago and
            covered the whole area in thick ash. This ash solidified into soft rock that
            was then shaped by wind and water over thousands of years. The result is a
            dreamlike landscape full of unusual formations, called fairy chimneys, that
            stretch as far as 40 metres into the sky.

            However, anyone who has visited Cappadocia will be quick to remind you          Sources:,,
            that it is not just the spectacular landscape that makes the area special; there
            is a whole fascinating world underground that visitors from all over the
            world come to explore. An extensive network of caves can be found within
            the numerous columns and towers. Thousands of years ago, humans began
            carving houses and other spaces into the soft rock. These grew into entire
            underground cities that are linked by many tunnel complexes. The deepest is
            Derinkuyu, which is a multi-level city stretching about 85 metres deep, with
            the ability to house up to 20,000 people and their livestock. It’s absolutely
            mind-boggling! There are 36 underground cities in Cappadocia and it is
            estimated that there are more than 200 in Central Anatolia.


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