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Images from 123RF and Shutterstock  With so many fascinating sights to see in Cappadocia, you could spend a


                    lifetime there. We recommend the following:
                    • Göreme Open Air Museum – admire the spectacular frescoes
                    • Derinkuyu Underground City – Cappadocia’s deepest underground city
                    • Kaymakli Underground City – the widest underground city in the area
                    • Red Valley and Rose Valley – perfect for hiking
                    • Uchisar – a rock-cut castle at the highest point in Cappadocia
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                    • Pasabag – a location famous for its mushroom-shaped rock formations

                    When visiting Cappadocia, consider the following fun activities:
                    1.  Hot-air balloon tours – What better way to enjoy the extraordinary
                       landscape than from above? Book  at least 7 days in advance, especially
                       during peak season.
                    2.  Horse riding – Cappadocia, often called the ‘Land of Beautiful Horses’, is an
                       ideal place to explore on horseback. Tours last from one hour up to several
                    3.  Mountain trekking – Climb the peaks of Mount Hasan and enjoy
                       breathtaking views of the surroundings. For your safety, we encourage
                       visitors to book treks with an experienced guide.
                    4.  Cappadocia tours – Explore all the best sights in the area with a local expert
                       guide. Group or private tours available.
                    Click here for travel agent contact details.


                    Many of the caves and fairy-chimney structures have been converted into
                    charming hotels, where you can experience the life of the past in luxury. Many
                    of them offer hammams (Turkish baths), terraces with panoramic views of the
                    surrounding areas, decorated walls and Internet access.

                    What’s more, it won’t take long to discover what the locals have known for
                    centuries: the soft rock from which the caves were carved keeps rooms cool in
                    the summer and warm in the winter, so whatever time of year you visit, you are
                    sure to be comfortable.
                    Click here for hotel listings and contact details.


                    Regular flights operate from Istanbul to Neveshir and Kayseri in Cappadocia.
                    Daily buses from Istanbul take about 11 hours.
                    Click here for airline and bus company contact information.


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