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1a          C. Read the text again and the statements below. Write T for True,

                       F for False or NM for Not Mentioned.

                     • Read each statement carefully and try to locate the part of the      Image from 123RF
                    text where this statement is referred to.
                 • Do not base your answers on background knowledge; find the part of
              the text that justifies your answer.
             •  For a statement to be true, it must agree with the information in the text.
              The phrasing might be different, but the meaning must be 100% the same.
             •  For a statement to be false, it must be wrong according to the information
              given in the text.
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             •  A statement is not mentioned when you cannot find any or enough
              information in the text to prove it. If you are able to prove part of the
              statement but not all of it, it cannot be considered true or false; it is not

             1.  The history of Cappadocia is more fascinating than its landscape.

             2.  The fairy chimneys are small volcanoes that are no longer active.
             3.  Tunnels connect the underground cities.

             4.  All of the six sights suggested in the text are man-made.
             5.  It is advised to book mountain treks with a skilled guide.

             6.  The hotels in the caves in Cappadocia are very simple and not very

             7.  The temperature inside the caves is pleasant throughout the year
                thanks to the soft rock.
             8.  Most people choose to travel to Cappadocia by bus.

           D. Look at the highlighted words in the text and match them with their
           meanings a-e. There is one extra meaning which you do not need to use.

             1.  solidify            a. to renew
                                     b. to cut into a material such as stone, wood, etc.
             2. carve
                                     c. to provide sb with a home
             3. house
                                     d. to change sth into sth else
             4. convert              e. to transform into sth hard

           E. Discuss.
             • Would you be interested in visiting Cappadocia? Why? / Why not?


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