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21st century
                     Listening          Speaking           Writing             competencies / Values

                     • A radio interview   • Group work:   • A formal and informal
                      on the four phases   Discussing issues   email asking for
                      of culture shock   related to culture   information
                     • Four people talking   shock
                      about culture shock   • Pair work:   Developing skills:  Value:
                     • A lecture on the   Comparing        • Focusing on register,   • Appreciate
                      ancient Roman city   cities and tourist                   multiculturalism
                      of Pompeii         activities, discussing   style and expressions
                                         advantages and
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                                         disadvantages, and
                                         making a decision

                     • A lecture on bees  • Pair work:     • An opinion essay
                     • An interview      Comparing pictures
                      with a tiger       about ways to learn
                      conservationist    about wildlife and   Developing skills:
                                         reasons to have a   • Using topic     Values:
                                         pet — Structuring a   sentences       • Appreciate
                                         long turn         • Supporting topic   biodiversity
                                        • Pair work:        sentences          • Learn to value the
                                         Expounding on the   • Using linking words/  lives of animals
                                         topic of animals   phrases
                                         using prompts

                     • A podcast        • Pair work:       • An informal email
                      interview          Comparing
                      on memory          techniques for    Developing skills:
                                                           • Using correct
                      techniques         studying and
                     • A job interview   making a decision  • Using correction   Value:
                                        • Group work:       techniques         • Think outside the
                                         Conducting a job   • Using set phrases/  box
                                         interview          expressions to make
                                                            suggestions, to give
                                                            news, to express
                                                            enthusiasm, to
                                                            accept and refuse an

                     Task: Following and giving instructions    p.272

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