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21st century
                     Listening            Speaking            Writing      competencies / Values

                     • People talking in   • Pair work:      • A story
                      three different     Speculating and
                      situations          reaching a decision:   Developing
                     • A radio play:      things we waste time  skills:
                      continuation of the   on               • Using time   Value:
                      short story                             linkers to   • Manage your time wisely
                                         • Pair work:
                                          Telling a story based   indicate the
                                          on a visual prompt  sequence of
                                                             • Using
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                     Task: Organising and creating a slideshow presentation  p.274

                     • An interview about   • Pair work:      • A short
                      job satisfaction    Discussing different   summary
                     • A speech on the    techniques for good   of a graph/
                      process of inventing  customer service and   chart
                                          making a decision                Values:
                                                              Developing   • Don’t leave things to
                                         • Pair work:
                                          Evaluating inventions  skills:    chance
                                                              • Focusing on  • Work hard to get what
                                         • Group work:         language     you want
                                          Designing an         and text    • Use your creativity to
                                          invention            organisation   offer practical solutions

                     • People talking in four  • Pair work:   • A discursive
                      different situations  Speculating on     essay
                     • Four people talking   pictures and making
                      about restrictions on   a decision on issues
                      social media sites  related to the      Developing   Values:
                                          environment         skills:      • Be the change you want
                                                              • Focusing
                                         • Group work:         on register,   to see in the world
                                          A debate on whether   style      • Show people the same
                                          social media is      and text     respect online as you
                                          affecting our        organisation   would face-to-face
                                          friendships positively  • Using   • Be careful what you post

                     Task: Applying public speaking techniques and giving a presentation  p.276

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