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21st century
                     Listening          Speaking           Writing             competencies / Values

                     • A radio programme  • Pair work:     • A blog entry
                      about the          Speculating on
                      phenomenon of      pictures of people in
                      synaesthesia       various situations  Developing skills:
                     • A personal account                  • Focusing on       Value:
                      of colour blindness  • Group work:    language and style   • We should accept
                                         Recounting a      • Using cleft sentences
                                         personal story                         people who are
                                                                                different from us

                     • A radio interview  © MM Publications

                     • Four people talking  • Pair work:   • A covering letter
                      about a course they   Comparing different
                      recently enrolled   jobs and working   Developing skills:
                      on                 environments      • Focusing on text
                     • A conversation   • Pair work and     register, organisation,  Value:
                      between a careers   group work:       style and language  • Get to know
                      officer and a      Pyramid discussion                     yourself
                      student            on what influences
                                         a young person’s
                                         career choice

                     Task: Producing information leaflets  p.278

                     • Three short      • Pair work:       • A letter (to the editor)
                      extracts about     Speculating on     expressing an opinion
                      fashion            pictures of people in
                                         various situations  Developing skills:
                      on fast fashion   • Pair work:       • Focusing on register,   Values:
                                         Discussing issues   style and text    • Be aware of where
                                         related to the     organisation        your clothes come
                                         fashion industry  • Using techniques to   from
                                                            avoid repetition   • Make your clothing
                                                                                choices part of your
                                                                                effort to protect our

 Irregular Verbs p. 267                       Project Skills p. 270                         Tasks p. 272                                                                Wordlist p. 280                             Phonetic Symbols p. 325

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